Some things just aren't meant to be made into a frozen beverage. SONIC Drive-In restaurants across the country will be adding something different to their menus this summer. Pickle flavored foods are on the rise in 2018, and the frozen drinks will be available starting mid-June according to Foodbeast, who actually got a "first taste" of the actual product. They described it as,

"a unique syrup that provides a punch of briny acidity, but has enough sweetness to take the sharpness out of the flavor."


I wasn't about to wait until June to put in my two-cents about the product so I made my own. My version was a mix of ice, a jar of pickle juice, and about 6 slices of pickle for an extra punch of flavor. Was it worth it? Find out in the video below! And if you are a big pickle fan, you can find a list of Minnesota SONIC locations here!

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