Ok... this COVID thing is getting old.  I feel like I'm probably not the only person feeling like this,either.  And not a political statement.  It's more of a statement about the fact that I'm getting tired of everything getting cancelled.  It's not like I don't understand the reason for it, I do. But it's been such a disappointing year...for everyone.

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First, the State Fair was cancelled, Then it was turned into a parade... .like a drive thru food things.   Tickets sold out within hours.  Then they added a few other features.    They tried to do what they could during this time... but it's still not the same. But it was fairly successful.  As much as it could be, anyway.

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Now, The Ren Fest has also been cancelled this year.  But, now they have moved to the drive-thru parade version as well.  After they saw the success of what the Minnesota State Fair did, they thought they would try their version of the same thing.

Normally the Ren Fest happens weekends and Labor Day through September.  It won't be that many weekends, but there will be more than one.  The dates are September 19 &  20, September 26 & 27, and October 2-4.

So, if you are really thinking you want that special turkey leg, here is your chance!  This drive through parade will feature 30 of the most popular festival foods along with some entertainment, as well as featured artisans.  This will all be taking place from the safety of your vehicle.  Just like the State Fair, there will be a limited number of tickets sold for each of the dates and specific times.  All tickets must be purchased online, and they recommend that you do so as soon as possible to have the best chance at getting the date and time that you want.


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