Source: WalletHub

Less than a full month into the school year and Minnesota is already showing off how great of a place it is for teachers! WalletHub conducted a study to find the state best for working teachers based on things like annual salaries, projected turnover, pupil to teacher ratios, and best school systems.


Minnesota ranked third overall behind second place Conneticut, and first place New York. We ranked 5th overall for opportunity and competition, and 8th for academic and work environment.

Here are the top 10 states that are best for teachers in America:

1. New York
2. Connecticut
3. Minnesota
4. Illinois
5. North Dakota
6. Pennsylvania
7. Wyoming
8. New Jersey
9. Maryland
10. Ohio

By all means teachers don't have it too bad in Minnesota! Don't forget to show your favorite teacher a little extra love by nominating them for our Teacher of the WeekEvery week we are recognizing a different teacher across Central Minnesota to thank them for all they do! You can nominate your teacher here!


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