Wallet Hub recently released a new study that looked into states that have the most and least amount of student debt. Minnesota ranked high on the list coming in at number 6 overall.

Each state was measured in 12 key areas including factors like; average student debt, proportion of students with debt, past-due loan balances, grant growth and more.


Minnesota was ranked second overall when they compared states in the 'percentage of student-loan borrowers age 50+' category. The Land of 10,000 Lakes also got dinged when they looked at the 'proportion of students with debt', ranking 4th overall.

Minnesota was pretty middle of the road ranking 28th in 'availability of paid internships' and 21st in 'grant growth.'

The top 10 states with the most student debt include;

1. South Dakota
2. Pennsylvania
3. West Virginia
4. New Hampshire
5. Iowa
6. Minnesota
7. Mississippi
8. Ohio
9. Michigan
10. Rhode Islands

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