Aging Prisoners Make Up Fastest Growing Segment Of Nation's Prison Population
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Wallet Hub did their annual ranking of best and worst states for retirement. Minnesota received some high marks landing them the tenth spot on the list. There were three key areas that the study evaluated...quality of life, affordability and health care. Minnesota ranked 43rd state in affordability but number one in both the quality of life and health care categories.

Minnesota was ranked 4th in the country for having the most theaters per capita and we've got the 2nd highest life expectancy. Both high marks helped bring up out overall ranking.

Minnesota has a high annual cost of in-home services which negatively affected our score.


10 best states for retirement include;

1. Florida
2. South Dakota
3. Colorado
4. New Hampshire
5. Virginia
6. Utah
7. Iowa
8. Wyoming
9. Pennsylvania
10. Minnesota

10 worst states for retirement are;

1. Kentucky
2. Rhode Island
3. West Virginia
4. Vermont
5. New Jersey
6. New Mexico
7. Arkansas
8. Mississippi
9. Louisiana
10. Maryland

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