Some Minnesota parents from Hastings are fundraising help for their 18-month old daughter Ivy Lynn Angerman who is allergic to water.

According to a GoFundMe page, Ivy Lynn began having allergic reactions to water at just one year old. After baths, she would break out in blisters and a rash. Parents Brittany and Dan tried getting rid of bubbles and shampoos; they even tried baths at her grandparent's home and different hotels. But Ivy Lynn continued to have reactions. It got so bad, she even reacted when her body sweat. She was eventually taken in to see a doctor and diagnosed with a rare allergy to water --  known medically as aquagenic urticaria.


At present, Ivy Lynn's allergic reactions are managed to some degree by anti-histamines. However, according to experts, she'll need to be confined to a climate-controlled home environment with central air and purified water. The Angermans -- who currently live in a home build in 1901 -- are in the process of fundraising to move and equip their new home with the resources to help Ivy thrive. Brittany and Dan told Fox 9 recently that Ivy may be the youngest person ever diagnosed with aquagenic urticaria.

According to the Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center, aquagenic urticaria most commonly presents itself in women, though usually not until the onset of puberty. The exact cause of the condition is yet unknown, and limited data makes it difficult to treat.

As of writing, the Angerman's have raised just over $200 of their $50,000 goal. You can donate to help at their GoFundMe page.

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