Before, during and sometimes after, we Minnesotans hear time and time again about how you should always have an emergency kit in your vehicle in the Wintertime.  The list always includes some food, as in a granola bar or something.  A blanket, water (I never really get that one because it will freeze, but whatever), flares, traffic cones, phone charger, and a shovel!

I will be honest, I do not have a shovel in my car.  I should. And I'm glad that apparently a lot of people do, because look what a bunch of good samaritans did for a stalled driver yesterday on an on ramp.

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This was tweeted out and it shows how Minnesota really will rally together when needed.

Yesterday's snowfall was crazy.  The amount of snow that was falling in a very short amount of time was a bit unbelievable.  And at the worst time... rush hour traffic in the twin cities area.  Thank goodness for people like this.  It makes me want to put a shovel in my car, not just for the possible case of being able to help someone else, but also for helping myself if the need would arise.

Hopefully you are never in a situation like this, but it is nice to know that if you are, there might be a bunch of people like this that will come to your rescue.  There really is such a thing as "Minnesota Nice".  I think we sometimes forget that with all of the negativity that has been going on recently.  It's nice to see some positivity for a change.

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