Where are all of our Minnesota women at?! Wallet Hub recently named Minnesota 2021's 'Best State For Women'. And, how fitting that its also Women's History Month!

It looks like we've got a lot to celebrate this month. This is just one more reason to love the land of 10,000 lakes!

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The study compared all 51 states on 26 metrics to determine their rankings. Minnesota earned high marks in several categories including placing second in median earnings for female workers, 4th in share of women in poverty as well as 4th in high school graduation rates for women.

Not only did we place first overall in the rankings, but we were nearly 6 points ahead of the next closes state. We had a total of 77.68 overall points out of a possible 100. Maine came in second with 72.51.

According to WalletHub, "for additional insight, we asked a panel of experts to weigh in with their thoughts" on several key questions. You can find out more information on the study by visiting WalletHub's website.

Here are the top 10:

1. Minnesota

2. Maine

3. Vermont

4. North Dakota

5. District of Columbia

6. Iowa

7. Washington

8. Massachusetts

9. Wisconsin

10. South Dakota

And, well, we just all need to know which states were at the bottom of the list. So, here are the WORST states in America for Women in 2021:

42. New Mexico

43. West Virginia

44. Nevada

45. Texas

46. South Carolina

47. Oklahoma

48. Louisiana

49. Arkansas

50. Alabama

51. Mississippi

According to the study, WalletHub found that blue states were more 'women friendly'. Blue states had an average ranking of 32.60 whereas red states on average ranked 16.57.

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