It has happened to even the most cautious of drivers. You'll be driving down the road and out of no where a squirrel will shoot across the street like an arrow. Sometimes it can be hard to not hit those little guys.


A driver down in Brooklyn Park, MN had this issue himself. He was driving down the street and swerved to hit a squirrel, and luckily ended up missing it. But he did see that the little guy wasn't moving. So he pulled over and started trying to bring him back to life. The Brooklyn Park police in the area noticed the man and car on the side of the road and approached to investigate. They found out what was going on and offered as much assistance as they could. After flipping the squirrel to its stomach and giving it a few pets, he took off to the nearest yard. Another life saved thanks to some Minnesota Nice!

See the video of the Squirrel that Lived below!

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