This is one of those things where you aren't sure what is exactly the right thing to do.

The situation is this:

You are the pedestrian walking along on the sidewalk, in a town neighborhood, not in the business area.  There is a bike lane marked on the road. This is marked on the bike lane, basically the shoulder on the road.  But kids (ages around 10, 11, or 12) zoom by on their bikes.

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When this happens, unknowingly, if the person walking steps slightly to the right, could have gotten creamed by the kid(s) on their bikes.  This is a scary situation.  But how do you fix this? By Minnesota law, if cyclists are not in the business district, and just in a neighborhood with sidewalks, they can ride on the sidewalks while giving the right of way to the pedestrians.

So, while yes, you can ride on the sidewalk, but should you?  I get that the area I was speaking of is along Cooper Avenue in St. Cloud.  That area can be dangerous because of how busy Cooper Avenue is, with a lot of people turning off in either direction.  Riding on the sidewalk can be safer for the cyclist.  But is it safer for the pedestrian?  Probably not.

Cyclists, if they are choosing to be on the sidewalk along with the pedestrians, and there are a lot of them in this area, need to make their presence known.  Or just jump down onto the bike lane until you have passed the walkers, then jump back up onto the sidewalk. That might be safer for everyone.

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