Google decided that they wanted to help kiddos track down Santa Claus this Christmas Eve by inventing a Santa Tracker. You can keep up with Santa's whereabouts in real time and try to catch him in the act at your house.

The tracker is available online with a neat countdown to Christmas' main event! Kids can also play holiday themed games.


Google knows that elves aren't the only busy ones this time of year. That's why there's even a cool interactive program for teachers to help create holiday themed lesson plans for their Minnesota classrooms. It's pretty neat and incorporates history, geography, math, art, and even some writing prompts.

When I was a student at Sauk Rapids Middles School, Christmas themed lesson plans were the most fun things about school. I still remember the fun holiday themed history lessons, making holiday cards and crafts and making gingerbread houses out of graham crackers and icing from a can. One day a year students got to sign up for different holiday themed classes and craft stations that lasted all day. I still remember how fun it was!

'Tis the season! Santa is watching!

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