MINNEAPOLIS -- A Minneapolis man is bringing his enthusiasm for mushrooms to the Minnesota State Fair.

Mike Kempenich is an exotic mushroom cultivator, forager and owner of the company Gentleman Forager.

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He says he's always had a passion for mushrooms and has spent the last ten years bringing these exotic mushrooms into groceries stores. He says they are excited to unveil some first-of-their-kind food products to fairgoers.

We have a brain butter, which was very well received, that we are excited to bring to the masses. We also have been working with a local candy company and we have a brain candy bar coming out. So making things available that is healthy and tasty is what we are trying to achieve.

Kempenich says their new Nut Butter and Wild Black Walnut Candy roll are both infused with brain healthy Lion's Main Mushrooms.

He says they will also be selling home-grow mushroom kits for anyone who is interested in growing their own mushrooms.

Really the only thing you need to do is throw it in a kitchen sink or bathtub and let it soak for a few hours, then place it somewhere in your home and wait for it to grow. I think people are really excited when they realized just how fast they grow.

The Gentleman Forager booth can be found inside the Lower Grandstand shopping complex on the fairgrounds.

The Minnesota State Fair runs August 26th through September 6th.


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