We are entering into phase 3 of opening after the COVID-19 shutdown that closed essentially everything mid-March.  This means that there will be more options for restaurants and bars, as well as gyms and theatres able to open as well.

Brian Jackson, ThinkStock
Brian Jackson, ThinkStock

The Mall of America is also going to try it's second run at opening. It was originally scheduled to open on the 1st of June, but after the riots and protesting that was going on in the Minneapolis area, the open was pushed back.  As of today, June 10, the mall will reopen.

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The things that you need to know as far as guidelines when you are heading out to any of these places may vary per establishment.  If you are heading to the theatre, make sure you check to see if they are actually open.  Some of them are holding off on opening because of the lack of movie releases currently.  July seems to be what a lot of them are looking at, while others may be running classic re-run movies.  Parkwood theatres here in St. Cloud will be holding off for a bit.

If you are going to your favorite gym, check to make sure they are open as well.  Some are waiting to make sure they have safety plans in place.  Some of those plans may include spacing of weight and cardio machines, contactless check in, cleaning stations and hand sanitizer placed throughout the club.  Some may also require masks unless you are doing some strenuous exercise. Capacity will be limited to 25%.

Bars and restaurants will require employees to continue to wear masks, customers are encouraged to wear them when not eating or drinking.  Capacity will be limited to 50% capacity with social distancing.  Tables must be 6 feet apart.  And total capacity limited to 250 people. But now there is the option for indoor or outdoor dining.

On a positive....things are starting to open up again, and people are getting back to work.

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