I hear about things like this, and I never quite understand how they happen, but they do.

via Facebook.com Zeero Michael
via Facebook.com Zeero Michael

This time it was a DQ in Moorhead.  We had some of the nicest weather of the year, and someone crashes into the Dairy Queen and forces them to close.  Glass everywhere, most of the food had to be thrown out due to the possibility of glass shards in or near the food.

How does this happen?  The possibility of this particular accident is that the driver may possibly have fallen asleep.

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A post on the Dairy Queen's Facebook page says that they will be closed temporarily. and planned to open this past Sunday.  The same family has owned this Dairy Queen since 1995.  The is some longevity.  It's great to hear about the same group of people or families owning businesses.  The Moorhead DQ is also the only one in Minnesota that has special menu items unlike other DQ's. They also do have the menu items that you are used to and love about Dairy Queen.

The reason that they are able to have a slightly different menu items is because they adhere to the 1940s franchising contract.

This particular DQ also claims that they were the first ones to make the Dilly Bar. So, if you are ever in the Moorhead area, stop by this DQ.  It's located on 8th and Main.

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