I saw my first spider of the year yesterday at my grandma's house when I was picking up my son. It seems weird because there's still snow on the ground!

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources tracks local phenology--which is the study of cyclic and seasonal natural changes related to climate, plant and animal life. The observations have a direct correlation with the changing of the season from winter to spring! Us regular folk chalk them up as the ultimate signs that spring is upon us!



The DNR recently reported that the first signs of spring 2018 are here! The beautiful singing of the red-winged blackbirds were first heard in Maplewood on March 8,2018. Typically, that doesn't happen until March 14. Perhaps spring is coming a bit earlier than normal this year?

The DNR also tracks other changes to help us realize that winter isn't going to last forever. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you're looking for signs of spring!

  • Last year, frost finally left the ground on March 29. We're almost there if we're on pace to where we were last year! It would be pretty early if it happened. The latest they've recorded since 2001 was April 21.
  • The first dandelions were spotted on April 21 last year! But, in the last 10 years we've had dandelions as early as April 2.
  • Crab apples finally bloomed on May 7, but in 2012 they bloomed as early as April 24!
  • Lilacs made their first appearance last year on May 13th which is pretty typical. The earliest they've bloomed since 2001 was in 2012 when they bloomed on April 14. That's pretty rare.

Are you starting to notice things changing? The first official day of spring 2018 is March 20!

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