I grew up eating "beer can chicken" at least once a week. It's where you take a whole chicken, dump half a beer on it, season it, and roast it in the oven sitting on top of the rest of the beer in the can.

Arby's restaurants are tugging on my savory heart strings and making beer can chicken sandwiches through December 23rd. They will only be available in areas nation wide, and one of them is the Twin Cities!

The Original Beer Can Chicken Sandwich features beer-marinated smoked chicken with melted cheddar cheese, crispy onions, pepper bacon, lettuce, tomato and garlic aioli on a toasted specialty roll. The Tall Boy version of the sandwich features all that plus pit-smoked ham and crispy chicken.

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Of course the next question is what beer are they marinating it in. According to Chew Boom, that would be Miller High Life. The perfect choice in my opinion.

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