They don't call us Minnesota Nice for nothing!

A recent study by WalletHub found that St. Paul and Minneapolis both made the Top 10 list of Most Caring Cities in America in 2020!

"In 2020, Americans need to feel cared for more than usual as they face a global pandemic, high unemployment, the fallout of a presidential election and more," writes WalletHub financial writer Adam McCann. "Certain parts of the country put compassion into practice more than others, though." Looking at nearly 40 key indicators and factors in categories including Caring for the Community, Caring for the Vulnerable and Caring in the Workforce, WalletHub ranked the 100 most caring major cities in America. After the data was compiled and numbers were crunched, St. Paul ranked the 6th Most Caring City in America with Minneapolis not far behind at #9! Madison, WI and Lincoln, NE were the only other major Midwest cities to make the Top 10 list.

Also worth noting, Minneapolis and St. Paul both tied for No. 5 on the list of cities with the Highest Percentage of Population Doing Favors for Neighbors; they also both tied for No. 1 (along with Boston, MA) for cities with the Most Residents Working in Community and Social Services Per Capita.

You can see the full results of WalletHub's recent study below:

Source: WalletHub
Overall Rank CityTotal Score ‘Caring for the Community’ ‘Caring for the Vulnerable’ ‘Caring in the Workforce’ 
1Boston, MA68.6014101
2Madison, WI68.2011511
3New York, NY68.0011124
4Fremont, CA66.625233
5Virginia Beach, VA66.3821322
6St. Paul, MN65.4618273
7Pittsburgh, PA64.9315307
8Lincoln, NE63.79311412
9Minneapolis, MN63.5935342
10Chesapeake, VA62.8582420
11Seattle, WA62.8539151
12Jersey City, NJ62.7632445
13Gilbert, AZ62.653888
14Scottsdale, AZ62.074593
15Denver, CO61.4150725
16Aurora, CO60.67243324
17San Diego, CA60.6227484
18Chicago, IL60.52342028
19Irvine, CA60.21131764
20Portland, OR60.1449938
21Omaha, NE59.83711815
22Raleigh, NC59.7274945
23San Jose, CA59.67231176
24Washington, DC59.6655637
25Plano, TX59.5392171
26Newark, NJ59.2422789
27San Francisco, CA59.1879334
28Philadelphia, PA58.88436610
29Columbus, OH58.85385316
30Lexington-Fayette, KY58.59534713
31Reno, NV58.39452935
32Colorado Springs, CO58.25681640
33Norfolk, VA58.12206719
34Chandler, AZ58.0663789
35Boise, ID57.69294143
36Fort Wayne, IN57.42514827
37Louisville, KY57.25405236
38Chula Vista, CA57.20193183
39Buffalo, NY56.8976638
40Charlotte, NC56.19365642
41Anaheim, CA56.10474552
42Honolulu, HI56.00335741
43Los Angeles, CA55.73653539
44Sacramento, CA55.64601963
45Santa Ana, CA55.61465059
46Mesa, AZ55.59105987
47Indianapolis, IN55.43774621
48Durham, NC55.2975916
49Nashville, TN55.29613847
50Austin, TX55.24672649
51Baltimore, MD55.04428223
52Fort Worth, TX55.04176279
53Anchorage, AK54.98874226
54Milwaukee, WI54.90289518
55Cincinnati, OH54.78625532
56Jacksonville, FL54.77485460
57Long Beach, CA54.74575150
58Arlington, TX54.47216578
59Riverside, CA54.38522290
60Irving, TX54.33256081
61Fresno, CA53.92376855
62St. Louis, MO53.89833631
63Tampa, FL53.86415869
64Henderson, NV53.37164398
65Garland, TX53.09307180
66Kansas City, MO52.90747029
67St. Petersburg, FL52.77694069
68Tucson, AZ52.37636453
69Oakland, CA52.20892546
70Bakersfield, CA51.86642397
71Cleveland, OH51.10809214
72Toledo, OH50.99858517
73Atlanta, GA50.70597672
74Glendale, AZ50.54269485
75Phoenix, AZ50.02547591
76Oklahoma City, OK49.82787362
77El Paso, TX49.27128995
78Orlando, FL49.10902892
79Wichita, KS48.60973265
80Las Vegas, NV48.05566198
81San Antonio, TX47.81818373
82Greensboro, NC47.74888157
83New Orleans, LA47.71848744
84Dallas, TX47.63709082
85North Las Vegas, NV47.29586998
86Detroit, MI47.23729668
87Winston-Salem, NC47.16739758
88Memphis, TN46.71917748
89Hialeah, FL46.63669874
90Miami, FL46.07868674
91Laredo, TX45.964410077
92Albuquerque, NM45.711007930
93Lubbock, TX45.51948054
94Corpus Christi, TX45.43928861
95Baton Rouge, LA44.91987256
96Stockton, CA44.74993996
97Houston, TX44.56829394
98San Bernardino, CA43.59937486
99Tulsa, OK43.53958467
100Birmingham, AL38.22969966

You can read the full article from WalletHub here.

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