If you're looking for a Minnesota summer job, Minneapolis might be a great place to start. WalletHub just named Minneapolis among the '2021 Best Places for Summer Jobs'.

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The survey site evaluated more than 180 cities in the U.S. based on 23 categories to determine the best places to score a job.

According to their findings Minneapolis ranked 15th on the list making it into the top 20. Minneapolis, according to the results, is the best city in Minnesota if you're looking for some seasonal work.

Source: WalletHub

The cities were measured based on several key factors including; availability of summer jobs, availability of summer internships, summer employment bump, labor-force participation rate of population between ages 16 to 24, median income of part-time workers, minimum wage, access to public transportation and more.

The best place for summer jobs is Scottsdale, Arizona followed by Bismarck, North Dakota. Here are the rest of the top 20;

  • #3: Cheyenne, Wyoming,
  • #4:Billings, Montana,
  • #5: Salt Lake, City, Utah,
  • #6: Overland Park, Kansas,
  • #7: Juneau, Arkensas,
  • #8: Charleston, West Virginia
  • #9: Boise, Idaho
  • #10: Portland, Maine :
  • #11: Missoula, Montana
  • #12: Columbia, Maryland
  • #13: West Valley City, Utah
  • #14: South Burlington, Vermont
  • #15: Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • #16: Rapids City, South Dakota
  • #17: Tempe, Arizona
  • #18: Dover, Denver
  • #19: Chandler, Arizona
  • #20: Fargo, North Dakota

Minnesota had an overall score of 57.99 out of a possible 100. We gained high marks for our youth job market (ranked 18th) as well as social environment and affordability (ranked 44th).

If you're looking for a summer job, MOA is hiring. They just held a huge job fair this week with several stores including Nickelodeon Universe looking for employees.


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