March Madness is under a week away and to celebrate, the personal finance website, WalletHub released results of a new study on best and worst cities for college basketball fans.

Out of the 289 cities included in the survey, Minneapolis, Minnesota was ranked #284. You're probably wondering why!? We love basketball here...don't we?

Well, according to WalletHub Minneapolis had the second highest minimum season ticket price for a college game and we ranked dead last when compared to other large cities equal in our population size.


Each city received a score in each category including; number of college basketball (Division 1) teams (12.5 points possible), performance level of these teams (12.5 points possible), number of basketball championships (12.5 points possible), number of Hall of Fame head coaches (12.5 points possible), ticket prices (12.5 points possible), fan engagement (18.75 points possible), number of coaches in the last 10 seasons (6.25 points possible), and stadium capacity (6.25 points possible).

Minnesota's total score was 13.62 points after each category was totaled...aka not good for us.

So, which cities scored the best? 

#1: Lawrence, KS
#2: Durham, NC
#3: Los Angeles, CA
#4: East Lansing, MI
#5: Chapel Hill, NC

& The Worst cities

#289: New Britain, CT
#288: Pocatello, ID
#287: Daytona Beach, FL & Montgomery, AL
#285: Hackensack, NJ
#284: Minneapolis, MN

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