A Minneapolis brewery has issued a request to the city's Business Licenses & Consumer Services office and mayor requesting a change to the law that would not require off-duty police at events.

Indeed Brewing Company - one of Minnesota's largest distribution breweries and one currently at risk of Minnesota's growler-sales limit -- has issued a public letter to the City of Minneapolis' Business Licenses & Consumer Services office and mayor requesting an amendment to a city law that requires paid, off-duty police officers at certain events.

"As a community-oriented craft brewery with Minneapolis in our very DNA, we are devastated by the killing of George Floyd this past Monday while in the custody of Minneapolis Police officers," the letter reads. "We have always taken pride in our home city, the relationships within the community, and the steps that our city has taken over the years to make Minneapolis such a great place to live, work and operate a business."

The letter goes on to recognize and highlight the brewery's own contributions to the community and reputation for being "welcoming to all people." Over eight years, Indeed Brewing owners Nathan Berndt and Tom Whisenand boast, there has never been a serious criminal incident or other safety threats to guests at any event hosted by the Northeast Minneapolis brewery. "People feel welcome, safe and secure at Indeed and we take a lot of pride in that."

But, says the brewery in its letter, "the recent events have made it clear that the presence of Minneapolis Police Officers does not make all people feel welcome, safe or secure." Because of that, Indeed Brewing Co. no longer feels that it is in the best interest of the community to employ off-duty police officers at special events.

"We write to you today," the letter -- sent to the city and shared publicly on social media -- states, "to ask that you remove the requirement for Event Organizers to contract off-duty MPD police officers to provide security for their events. Allow our events to move forward as we intend them to: community-oriented, free to the public, civil, respectful and welcoming to everyone."

The letter goes on to say that -- if left in place -- the current requirement would put Indeed and other businesses in a compromising position to their values. "We are confident we can ensure the safety of our guests through our own security measures and, if needed, the contracting of non-Minneapolis Police Officers."

"We will be encouraging other businesses subject to this requirement to reach out and echo this sentiment if they choose to," the letter concludes.

Within 21 hours the post had received 125 shares and 93 comments, most supporting the brewery's action.

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