The famous skipping track leading to the embarrassment of "they really aren't singing?" Milli Vanilli will be attempting to make a comeback.

Vanilli, who's real name is Fabrice Morvan is extremely serious about his comeback. He is reportedly working with Eminem's DJ, The Alchemist, to create a REAL-VOICE comeback. Finally, we get to hear what he really sounds like!

Milli, who will obviously not be making the comeback trail with Vanilli. Milli, who's real name is Rob Pilatus, overdosed in 1998 after several years of substance abuse. He was only 32.

I find it funny at how so many fans were angered at the fact that it wasn't their real voices. Look at how many "singers" now have microphone processors helping their voice, or auto-tune. Even when they are in concert, half only turn on their mic to talk to the crowd. Oh how the times have changed.

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