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Would you get micro-chipped so that you could access vending machines at the office?

A Wisconsin based company called Three Square Market said it’s doing this all so employees can get chips faster from the vending machine. They  implant a microchip in their employees hands, and then employees can wave their hands and get chips, water, pop or whatever.... from the company vending machine.  It goes beyond that though. Instead of entering their code to the building, with a wave of their hand, they can enter  the company building, and even log onto their computers!


The company says they do NOT force their employees to get the chip, and if they wanted, they can also put the chip in a wristband or ring and it would work the same way.  Three Square Market CEO Todd Westby says that this is what inevitably is going to happen, and they want to be a part of it.  At this point, more than 50 employees have agreed to get the implant.


These microchips are said to be biologically safe. The bigger question is: What about your personal privacy?!  It might be encrypted and secure, but all it takes is a little brilliance from a criminal mind, and I would think you're whole life could be in jeopardy! Just like scenes from the movies!  Someone knows where you are; how much money you have in the bank.  And although it's great for the more punching a time clock, or skipping out early without someone knowing...they really could follow you if they wanted to...Right?  Did you REALLY go to the doctor like you said you were going to? Or did you end up at the mall? It seems to me they can track your every move, and control you! Is this possible?


It could also be a health aid.  How many bags of chips did you buy this month?  How many times were you late for work? How many days did you stay late? How many weekends were you in the office?  There is lot of valuable tracking information for a company to have that can measure your performance. It's not the professionals that I'm necessarily worried about; what we need to remember; there are always hackers


Swedish startup Epicenter said that about 150 of its employees have agreed to be micro-chipped, so that their hands can act as swipe cards, getting them into buildings and paying for their smoothies. A convenient way to get around the office, to be sure. But it remains to be seen at what cost.

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