Kara & Jared, a young married couple from Kentucky, are friends of my son Drew. I remember Jared coming to my Kentucky home many years ago; and when Drew told me that he and is wife wanted to make a move to Minnesota, I thought; WOW! What a move.  They were also wanting to know if they could bring along their pet family, cats Jupiter and Apollo...and so; we have four house guests.


Jared & Kara decided to make the move; on a wing and a prayer; Trusting that they could find jobs once they arrived. They have been the most gracious guests. The moment they arrived, they got a good nights sleep; then after a few greetings from some of Drew's friends, they got right into looking for work. They realized that the opportunities are endless; and if you are willing to work, you can find work around every corner here in Minnesota.

The weather is a new experience for them. I've noticed that they look a little chilly, in their not so warm Kentucky clothing. I remember moving back up here without winter jackets. They've arrived just in time to get the best of Minnesota, and I'm so excited for their futures. Kara is very interested in bee keeping, so if anyone knows a bee keeper that I can put her in touch with, please reach out and let me kow


So with one week under their belt, Jared has already had a job interview, Kara has one coming up, and we will see where their journey goes from here! We will keep you posted.

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