If you are going to be heading out this long MEA weekend, expect some delays.  Travel is expected to be up with a lot of people flying to their destination via the MSP/STP International airport.

This just means to plan ahead.  The traffic will be backed up, the airport will probably have some very long lines, and it would be a good idea to have everything ready to go as you are waiting in some of those lines.  You know what the TSA will be asking, so be prepared.

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Due to the increased traffic, travelers are advised to arrive at the airport at least two hours in advance of a domestic departure, or three hours prior to an international flight. Passengers are urged to confirm flights and airport arrival times with their chosen airline.

Usually when I fly I try to wear something super light, no pockets, no belts, easy to slip off shoes, and just know that if you have anything like a phone, watch, fitness monitor, jewelry (sometimes) a jacket, blingy jeans, these things will all potentially set off the 360 security monitor.  So, it's best to know that you will have to remove these things (not the jeans) or be hand/wand checked. This just delays your movement through the security check point. Wear an outfit that is simple and has no extras on it... like sweats.  It's more comfy too. And realize that yes, masks are still required inside the airport and on the aircraft. That doesn't look like it's going away any time soon.

If you are going on a road trip for the weekend, make sure to check where the construction is, if you need to get to a destination by a particular time.  There is SO much construction around the area.  It can be a nightmare in heavy traffic.

On the upside, travel is way up compared to a year ago.  This is for obvious reasons.  This is the weekend where a lot of people take that chance to get away before the weather turns cold and snowy, and travel becomes a bit more hectic.

Whatever you plan to do for the long weekend, be safe and enjoy! At least things are coming back to some normalcy for travel.

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