If you're a fan of the McDonald's McRib, you're in luck! The restaurant chain is bringing the BBQ sandwich back to the menu this fall.

The McRib is a seasoned pork boneless patty with BBQ sauce, served with slivered onions and dill pickles all on a homestyle bun.

The McRib's return isn't random. It's part of its 40th anniversary being on the McDonald's menu.

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According to McDonald's corporate website, "In the 80s, the masterminds behind McDonald's food innovation had a truly unique idea: an undeniably delicious sandwich that could be enjoyed during the colder season."

That's why it's return to the menu comes at perhaps the best time of the year. You'll be able to order the sandwich at your local McDonald's starting November 1.

If you love the BBQ sandwich, you're going to want to act fast too. The McRibs are only on the menu for a limited time. After that, they go back into the McDonald's vault [Ok, there's not really a vault...that we know of.]

McDonalds has a rewards program too, where you can earn points on every dollar you spend at the restaurant.

The St. Cloud area has 6 McDonald's locations. There's one on East St. Germain Street, Clearwater Road, West Division Street and two locations in Waite Park which include 2nd Street South and Great Oak Drive and one in Sartell along Twin Rivers Court.


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