I was very fortunate to be able to head down to the Xcel Energy Center Monday night to see my favorite band, Maroon 5, perform! The second they announced their tour dates back in October and St. Paul was on the list for March 4th, I immediately went to Chad's desk and asked as nice as I could if I could be the one to cover the show. If you ever get a chance to see my desk area, its Adam Levine galore. Chad knew I would be the right fit to head down to the show to report back on how AMAZING it was!! And, I even got the privilege to meet Karla and her husband who had won tickets with their Mix Insider Rewards. Both are huge fans of Maroon 5. OK, enough of the build up, lets get into the show itself!

Owl City -- Fireflies

Owl City

Owl City was up first. The band is fronted by Adam Young who is a Minnesota native, Owatonna, and was happy to be back home performing for us! Everything started ON TIME! Right at 7:30 with Adam playing some of our favorite hits like "Gold," "Shooting Star," the song that got him the spotlight "Fireflies," and closing with "Good Time." To be so "new" in the music industry taking the stage for a crowd ready for Maroon 5 and to not let that pressure get to him was amazing. Adam owned the stage and you could tell he was into the show and gave it his all! He even got the crowd involved by having us light up the Xcel with our phones during "Fireflies." It was pretty neat!

Neon Trees - Lessons in Love

Neon Trees

After a half hour set change, Neon Trees took the stage at 8:30 and kept the high energy flowing by playing their familiar songs like "Animals," "Everybody Talks," and "Lessons in Love." To me they have a very 80's pop sound to them and it showed when the covered Human League's "Don't You Want Me" that got the crowd singing along! It didn't matter if you knew Neon Trees before the show, they put their souls on the stage and really rocked it. If I had the chance to pick a different career, I would want to be the lead singer of a band. They get so much cardio in, they are so tiny and in shape it's crazy! They need to be in great form to put on the shows that they do. They did a great job during their half-hour set.

Maroon 5 - Overexposed Tour 2013

Maroon 5

Finally, the main event of the evening! What we have all been waiting for! Drool cups ready let's kick things off with "Payphone!" The entire stage is ready to explode and the crowd can hardly contain their excitement. I don't think I saw a single open seat in the arena! Adam could tell we were ready! Even though my seats were not up in the front where I could touch his hand, the light show was amazing and the big screen behind the stage allowed for all of us to see Adam and the guys sing up close and "hey you look sexy" personal. They sang new songs off their album, Overexposed. They sang hits from their first album, Songs About Jane, and everything in between.

Jade Trying to find Adam Levine -- Didn't work!

A week prior to Monday's show Adam had to cut short a few concerts due to laryngitis. If I didn't know that, I never would have guessed; he rocked out with us all night and we thank him and the fellow band mates for it!

And yes, if you heard the commercial talking about me stalking Adam Levine. That may or may not have happened. I am not allowed to speak of what security told me. I just know I was shuffled out of the corner of the arena pretty quickly as I was screaming "Adam WILL YOU MARRY ME!?!?!" I never got a response to that question, but I am going to think he was told of this girl searching him out. I would never harm him, I just wanted to meet him is all. Maybe someday . . . A girl can dream right ;)

I thoroughly enjoyed the entire concert! From start to finish! Everything had a great flow, the acoustics were great, and the lights all the bands used kept those of us far from the stage amused since we couldn't see Adams face nice and close! The only thing I would have changed about the night would be the weather. And we all know we can't change what mother nature is doing! If you get a chance to see any of the bands (Owl City, Neon Trees, or Maroon 5) I would not pass up the opportunity to see the show. It really is a show. Everyone made sure we enjoyed what they were doing.