The list of current Cardi B features is long, and it's growing.

The latest act to enroll the Invasion of Privacy rapper is Maroon 5. The band is gearing up to drop a Cardi-fied version of its single "Girls Like You" on Thursday (May 31) and dropped the news via Twitter today (May 30).

"Rumors are true. Our new single #GirlsLikeYou, ft. @iamcardib, is out tomorrow. Stay tuned for more!" the Adam Levine-fronted band tweeted.

This feature will mark the fourth single Cardi has participated on in 2018 alone, following Bruno Mars' "Finesse," Rita Ora's "Girls," and Jennifer Lopez's "Dinero."

Her Ora collaboration received some backlash from the LGBTQ+ community for its problematic lyricism, including a line about "scissoring," as well as getting drunk on "red wine" and kissing girls, but Cardi defended the song, tweeting:

"We never try to cause harm or had bad intentions with the song. I personally myself had experiences with other woman [sic] ,shiieeett with a lot of woman ! I though the song was a good song and i remember my experience."

She continued: "I know i have use words before that i wasn’t aware that they are offensive to the LGBT community. I apologize for that. Not everybody knows the correct terms to use. I learned and i stopped using it."


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