I've been saying that the Mall of America needed a water park for YEARS now. According to the Star Tribune, it looks like MOA owners might soon be taking my advice! Yes, you heard me right--the mall might be getting a water park!


But, it's not as easy as waving a magic wand, and poof, a $200 million water park. There's a lot that needs to happen before my dream becomes a reality. The City of Bloomington would actually own and operate the water park that would be housed inside the Mall of America. That means that taxpayers would have to flip the bill and pay for it. And, as you know, the mall of America doesn't do anything on a small scale. The Star Tribune says it would be one of the largest water parks in North America. Voters can probably expect to see this as an item on their next voting ballot.

Heck, they should open up a community donation account, because even though I don't live in Bloomington, I'd throw some cash in it to make this mall upgrade (what little cash I have). It sounds so cool! St. Cloud also needs to get on the water park train and think about doing something similar on a smaller scale...perhaps in the old Sears spot at Crossroads?


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