All kids go through a phase where they love to dip things into sauces, usually ketchup. Some kids never grow out of it. Ed Sheeran was one of them. He loves Heinz ketchup so much that he had the logo tattooed on his arm! That's dedication. Ed is on tour in Ireland right now and to welcome him, a local gelato shop made him his very own Heinz ketchup flavored gelato. The shop is called Gelati Enniscrone & Ballina,and is located three hours away from where his last concerts there are being held (Dublin). The ice cream is made with Heinz ketchup, then topped with Heinz ketchup.  Ed has yet to try it, and no one even knows if he knows about it.

I decided to American-ize it by mixing vanilla ice cream and Heinz. Spoiler alert, the taste will spoil your appetite, unless you are just really into the taste of ketchup.

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