Remember when Lady Gaga's song "Born This Way" first hit the airwaves and we all say it was just like Madonna's "Express Yourself?" Then Madonna herself commented saying Lady Gaga Re-did her song?

Madonna is on her MDNA Tour right now, which stops in Minnesota November 3 and 4th at the Xcel Energy Center. Madge sort of takes a little stab at Gaga by not only playing "Express Yourself" but breaks in the middle to switch over to "Born This Way." No comment from Gaga yet on her thoughts.

Yes, this feud between the two continues on. It's not the first time a song has sounded like another, and it probably won't be the last. Does Madonna really need more exposure? Both singers get enough press, this little feud seems very elementary. It will be interesting to see though if Lady Gaga perform Express Yourself after Born This Way on her Born This Way Ball.

There was is a very amateur video, not the greatest sound quality either, but it has since been taken down...possibly by an angry Lady Gaga??

Do you think the two songs sound similar?

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