Another week with some really good/fun reissues of vinyl you can add to your collection if you have not been able to find the original in your searches.  There is also one LP of new music from a 9-time Grammy winner. Remember to help protect your endangered music and play some vinyl.

--BEATLES  - The Beatles 1962-1966 (Red Album) & The Beatles 1967-1970 (Blue Album):  Two reissues of compilation albums originally issued in 1973. Affectionately known by the jacket colors as the Red Album and the Blue Album these reissues will come on colored vinyl to match the jacket and nickname.  They are both limited editions, the red album has 12 additional tracks, and the blue album has 9 additional songs including the recently released new song Now And Then.

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--ALICE COOPER -  Billion Dollar Babies:  Alice Cooper’s sixth studio album is being rereleased as a 50th-anniversary deluxe edition being called the “Trillion Dollar” Deluxe Edtion. It features never-before-released outtakes, mixes, and a 1973 concert recorded during the 1973 “Billion Dollar Babies” Tour. It also comes with a fun Billion Dollar bill inside.

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Davy Jones
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--DAVY JONES  - Bell Records Story:  Another reissue on this week’s list, Bell Records Story is the solo album from 1971 by Monkees singer Davy Jones. The update has 6 additional songs and a color booklet of liner notes and will be on green vinyl.  This one could be tough to get your hands on.

--NORAH JONES  - Visions:   My hand to include it pick of the week, Visions is the latest and ninth studio album from 9-time Grammy-winning singer, songwriter and pianist Norah Jones. The new LP is available in an indie-exclusive orange vinyl with an alternate cover.  The album has 12 new songs on it.

--FREDDIE MERCURY  - Time Waits For No One:  Previously unreleased version of the Queen frontman’s song. Time Waits For No One is Mercury accompanied only by piano and is coming out on a limited edition 7" picture disc.  It was originally supposed to be out in July but the date has been pushed back several times so let’s hope it actually dropped this week.

--NEW RIDERS OF THE PURPLE SAGE  - Live At The Capitol Theater '75:  Live concert album from their show featuring songs like Gypsy Cowboy, Panama Red, and Brujo. This version is out on a 2LP set in cream vinyl or golden brown marble.

--PIXIES  - Pixies At The BBC:  A new collection of songs recorded by the band between 1988 and 1991 originally released on CD in 1998. Now getting the vinyl treatment with 9 additional tracks. The songs are taken from 6 different BBC sessions.

The Rolling Stones Perform Live In Adelaide
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-- ROLLING STONES -  Live At The Wiltern:  I know what you are thinking, what another live Stones album, but this one is sure to please fans even if, like me, you have multiple live albums from the band already.  Live at Wiltern was recorded during the 2002-2003 Licks World Tour when the band stopped at the famous Wiltern Theatre in L.A. in November. The session features live songs the band rarely plays live such as Neighbours, Stray Cat Blues, and Everybody Needs Somebody To Love (with Solomon Burkes). There is also a limited edition gold vinyl 3-LP set if you can find it, or like me, just settle for the standard black vinyl.  Another one that could be hard to find, I lucked out and got the last copy at the 2nd record shop I stopped at on Friday.


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