The Minnesota Twins opened their home season with a win against the Seattle Mariners yesterday at Target Field. The forecast was calling for weather that was cold enough to break records for coldest opening day in Target Field history. However, the weather ended up being a lot warmer than forecasters originally predicted.

Dave and I were at the home opener--and, I think I might have been overdressed. I showed up in snow pants, a winter coat, mittens, boots and a headband warmer. We sat in the sun, which helped. It was so warm, in fact, I actually took my jacket off for awhile. I was craving ice cream of all things.

Ashli Overlund

But, I ended up getting a huge french fry helmet instead. Dave made fun of me because I didn't realize how ENORMOUS the helmet of fries was actually going to be. Seriously, unless you're planning on sharing your fries with a family of five, I'd pass on getting the helmet.

Things got a little awkward because I didn't want to throw the fries away. They were a whopping $15...but, that's cheap for Target Field. I didn't know if it would be weird to offer the rest of them up to everyone in our row. I waffled over the idea of it for awhile before Dave decided to just ask for me. To our surprise, our stadium neighbors were happy we asked because they ate the whole thing.

Lines were so long to get into the stadium that we actually missed the National Anthem, the flyover and the eagle that attacked the Mariners pitcher! Yes, you read that right--an eagle attacked a starting pitcher. It was definitely a game to remember.

Opening day is over and the Twins came through with a win!