I follow many local pages on social media that pay tribute to central Minnesota. One of those pages is the Old St. Cloud Minnesota page. Recently they shared a photo of the Municipal Pool that was once a thriving destination for local families in the summer.

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The pool  has been the topic of discussion lately for a few reasons. The first, it's been so hot and dry outside. Many people are seeking relief from the heat. If that pool were around this summer, it would certainly make a killing.

The second reason being, many people miss the pool and want it to come back to the area. Several cities have been exploring the option of adding community pools and water park-type features to their towns.

St. Joseph looked into a planned water park for the area a few years ago. However, they moved on from the project that would have cost about $6.1 million to build.

There's a group on Facebook called 'Sartell Aquatic Center Supporters' that recently gave an updated on their page. On July 21 they wrote, "Hey everyone!! Thank you for all your support! We are not forgotten about, and actually there is hope for 2022 being our year!!"

Dennis Voigt's photo of the Municipal Pool dating back to the early 1980's has gained hundreds of likes, shares and comments on social media. It was shared more than 120 times, with over 295 comments from people say they want the pool to come back.

Tony Woods wrote, "Spent many happy summer days perfecting our diving and getting tan!"

Terry Hochstetler said, "My brother and I pretty much grew up in the pool. Started at kiddy pool, couldn't wait until we [were] tall enough to get into the big pool."

Rossi Cole commented, "I sure wish we had a public pool in this town".

Ruth Grundhoefer shared, "[Spent] all my summers there and enjoyed every moment of it with my brothers and sisters."

Jean Korte asked, "Why did they tear that down! Great Pool".

That's a great question, Jean. If people loved it so much, why did it go away? I've heard several theories over the years. One possible reason is the cost to keep it up. Community pools are more expensive than splash pads.

Jane Wood wrote on Facebook, "I heard it cost $170,000 to build it, now it would cost $1.2 million."

We're not sure how much it would cost to build the pool today, but it's definitely more expensive than it was when it was first built.

It sure would be nice to have an outdoor pool in St. Cloud, especially this summer.

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