The website Only In Your State which focuses on unique, fun, and things that are must- see or must-try in each state.  This time they have their focus on a small town bakery in Cold Spring - The Cold Spring Bakery.  And there is a branch of the Cold Spring Bakery a bit closer to St. Cloud in Waite Park near Cash Wise.

Those of us who have grown up in the area have known how good the Cold Spring Bakery is, with many favorites purchased there quite often. One of the better things that have been a staple for many is the peanut donut holes. Those are delicious, and definitely a must try.  Unless, of course, you have a peanut allergy, then that wouldn't be a good idea.

The website focuses on the variety that the bakery provides from holiday themed cookies, variety of breads and cakes.  Whether it's for a wedding, birthday, anniversary or any party, Cold Spring Bakery will be able to fill the need with a creative and delicious made to order cake or pastry.

The website also talks about the history of the bakery.  Started in 1946 when it was called the Home Bakery.  The name may have changed, but the goodies that the bakery provides has remained the same top quality people in the area have come to know and love. Some of the cookies and cupcakes are really geared towards kids, so it's fun to get a treat for them. Ok, not just for kids.  We all like to eat things that look fun.

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You can see the story on the website here.  

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