Minnesota's Lizzo was one of several artists featured in the latest edition of Jimmy Kimmel's Mean Tweets.

A recurring bit on Jimmy Kimmel Live is Mean Tweets -- where celebrities read mean tweets about themselves.

In the latest edition, various artists and musicians including Billie Eilish, Chance the Rapper, John Mayer, Luke Bryan, Green Day, Cardi B and Minnesota's own superstar Lizzo all read mean tweets about themselves.

"Billie Eilish dresses like she had her clothes stolen at the gym so they gave her what they had in the lost n found bin" Eilish reads about herself.

"Chance the Rapper? More like Chance the worthless spineless d*ckless soulless purposeless virtueless sellout. Nice Doritos commercial , you piece of s**t," laughs Chance the Rapper as he reads his mean tweet.

"I just watched a muted performance of Cardi B and that b***h just looks loud without any sound on like no thank you," reads Cardi B. "How I look loud?" she asks.

While most artists just laughed or tried not to take the words personally, Minnesota superstar Lizzo clapped back at her hater with a diss of her own.

"Yeah, I'm a big b***h, and I ride a bus...a tour bus motherf****r. Where's yours?"

Ouch. As Lizzo's song title states -- truth hurts.

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