Are you ready for some football?!  We're only a few weeks away from a new season. New players.  Old players. Players who's jersey you own. Time to get out those  jerseys and all the memorabilia.

But, you know that being a fan comes with a price.  If you want to go to a game at US Bank Stadium you have to shell out the money for tickets and then food and beverage at the game. If you're bringing the family?  Now the price quadruples.  But there's good news for Vikings fans!

Photo by Stephen Maturen/ Getty Images
Photo by Stephen Maturen/ Getty Images

Betway looked which NFL teams have increased their prices the most during recent years.  From that they estimated 2025 prices. Then they came up with the family total cost by calculating the price of 4 tickets, 4 hot dogs, 4 soft drinks, 2 beers, 1 adult jersey, and parking to come up with how much each fanbase will be paying come 2025.

  • The U.S. Bank Stadium, home to the Minnesota Vikings, was among the cheapest locations for a family to attend a game with a combined family cost of $776.77 by 2025.
  • In comparison, The Allegiant Stadium, home to the Las Vegas Raiders, will be the most expensive venue for a family of 4 to attend in 2025 with a forecasted cost of $2,253.03 per game.
  • If a family of 4 were to attend all nine regular season home matches (of the Raiders) they'd be expected to fork out a staggering $20,277.27 for the season!
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So the good news is that seeing our Minnesota Vikings at US Bank Stadium is one of the least expensive teams to see.  They came in at number 23 out of 32 teams.

Photo by Betway
Photo by Betway

The Las Vegas Raiders are the most expensive tickets in the NFL.  You've got to figure that's because they are located in a tourist town.  People will plan vacations to go to Las Vegas and see a game.  Sadly, they will also pay inflated prices since they are willing to spend money on vacation.

The Los Angeles Chargers have the cheapest ticket.  Makes sense.  They are in a city that already has a team and doesn't want them.  I lived in San Diego for over 15 years and when the Chargers left town, it caused some pretty hard feelings.  They lost a lot of fans doing that and now they seem to be paying the price.

Just a few short weeks until we can cheer on our Vikings.  Whether you're watching from US Bank Stadium or from your couch at home - here's hoping for a winning season. SKOL!

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