This week is Earth Week! To celebrate, I am taking some time this week to make a few small changes to help the environment and keep it great for years to come! Here are a few small things I plan on doing this week to do my part!

  • Use My Reusable Shopping Bags - I am awful at this. I have enough of them in my house, I just always forget them. This week I am sticking them in the back seat pocket of my car so I actually use them!
  • Stop Buying Bottled Water - Sometimes you just have to, it happens. But I got myself a nice reusable water bottle (that is dishwasher safe!) and my goal is to not buy another case of bottled water!
  • Actually Use The Recycle Bin - A lot of things in my house get mindlessly thrown away. My goal is to stop myself before I throw something away and ask if I can recycle it.
  • Switch Light Bulbs - This one I have almost half way done. When light bulbs burn out in my house (which happens all too often) I have been replacing them with LEDs. They are so much more energy efficient.
  • Unplug - I am notorious for leaving small appliances plugged in constantly. The toaster, coffee pot, my phone charger, pizza oven, ect. Taking that extra second to unplug isn't that hard to do and uses less energy.
  • Picking Up Litter - I'm not saying I am going to throw on a safety vest and clean up Hwy 10. But If I am on a walk and see a piece of garbage, it isn't that hard to pick it up and dispose of it properly.

These are just a few things I am doing and starting to do to help keep the Earth happy! What little or big changes are you making this Earth Week? Share them in the comments below!

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