Surgery? What surgery? Adele is back in action after going under the knife for a throat operation, and her voice is sounding better than ever, as evidenced in this new clip from her upcoming ’60 Minutes’ interview with Anderson Cooper. While chatting with the reporter, Adele treated him to a few a cappella verses from her Grammy-nominated song ‘Rolling in the Deep.’

Before Adele belted out a cappella portions of ‘Rolling in the Deep,’ Anderson Cooper actually gushed over the singer to a fellow CBS correspondent, saying, “I don’t think anybody who’s vaguely conscious has not heard Adele’s songs. Actually, I jog to ‘Rolling in the Deep’ every day.” The video then cuts back to Adele, who without any protest whatsoever, begins to sing sans music (her nails were too long for her to play the piano).

As Adele sang the opening lines of ‘Rolling in the Deep’ for Cooper, it quickly became clear that her voice is stronger and more beautiful than ever. She wasn’t really going all out like she would in concert, considering she might’ve blown Cooper right out of his chair, but her vocals remain astounding and inspiring. It was also great to see her just bust into song without a hitch, since it shows how excited she is to be singing again.

Hooray for Adele’s recovery! The singer’s ’60 Minutes’ interview will air on Sunday, Feb. 12, prior to the 2012 Grammys where we predict she’ll be racking up awards left and right.

Watch Adele Perform ‘Rolling in the Deep’ on ’60 Minutes’