I am guilty of putting on the lipgloss and mascara before running out of the house. Not wanting anyone to see me without "my face on." 19-year-old model, Cassandra Bankson reminds us that's its the beauty on the inside that really shines.

When I say the word model, what words pop in your head? Flawless, beautiful, stunning, gorgeous; the list goes ones. But something Cassandra doesn't have is a "flawless" face, she suffers from severe acne. So bad that at times she didn't even want to leave the house.

Thanks to her courage and strength, she put up a video on YouTube demonstrating how to have a flawless face with foundation. She didn't even look at that video again for four months because it shows her bare skin; make-up free and her acne for the world to see. Too scared to see what rude comments were said. What she didn't realize is that  many others were encouraging her and reminding her that she is beautiful with out without the acne.

Often times we get so caught up on the outside beauty, we forget to look at the inside. I too fall into that trap. I never had a problem with acne until I turned 26. Now it may not be as severe as Cassandra, but enough for me to feel very self conscience. I am inspired by her courage to let your true beauty shine.

Watch the video below of her interview on "Today."

Here's the video that started her courageous transformation

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