I know it's July.  It's hot.  The last thing on your mind right now is probaby cool weather, flannel, and things that have to do with Fall.

But, one of the fun events of fall has been announced  The Ledge Amphitheatre in Waite Park has announced FlannelFest 2023.  Tickets actually go on sale today! (Friday).

Offically scheduled for October 7th in Waite Park.  If you were there last year, it was a lot of fun, but they did have some growing pains.  There were several breweries that were there, but people did comment on how things could have been done a bit differently, and maybe there have been some changes made for this year.

October 7th, 2023 2PM to 7PM. A 21+ event of EPIC beer-portions. Join us for LEDGEtober Flannel 2023 with free beer samples from local breweries, local craft vendors, yard games, contests, food and live entertainment! Bring your flannels and lederhosen and get your tickets today!

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Not many details other than the tickets going on sale have been announced.  I'm sure there will be more details to come as we get a little closer to the date of the event.

Last year I think every brewery that is in the St. Cloud area was included.  There may be more participating this year.  There was also some entertainment and some contests.  I'm sure that this year there will be even more now that they have at least one year completed.  Every year you learn more and more and keep improving the event.

More details to come!  But for now, get your tickets now and mark your calendars for October 7th.

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