We have all felt the pinch. The pinch of inflation and crazy prices almost everywhere you look.  It's food, cars, houses, clothing, everything.  So, when you can get a great deal on something, it's time to jump on that train.

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A great place to find some fun, useful, unique and odd things is a flea market, otherwise known as a swappers meet.  And about 20 miles from St. Cloud is one of the best ones in the area.

It's the Wright County Swappers Meet and it happens every Saturday through the end of October in South Haven.  But if you want to check out this market, you do need to get going fairly early on a Saturday.  The market is open from 7am through 1pm every Saturday.  But to get the best deals, sometimes you need to get there right away.  As the saying goes, the early bird gets the worm!

One note - please do not bring your pets unless they are service animals with papers.

What are some of the things that you will find at the market? From their website: 

You'll find new & used items:  antiques, clothing, sporting goods, tools, music CD's and vinyl, video games, jewelry, collectables, home goods, arts and crafts, produce, flowers, trees, toys, books and more!

The vendors are always changing from week to week as are the goods and little treasures that you will find.  Keep in mind that this market is HUGE!  All in all it can be about a 2 mile walk, so if you are planning to bring the littles, bring a stroller and/or a wagon so they can ride along.

It's the Wright Country Swappers meet in South Haven, Minnesota.  See ya' there!

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