It's been about a month since a Los Angeles judge finalized Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian's divorce and already the two-time NBA champion is hoping to rekindle their long-ago romance.

Odom admitted as much during a recent appearance on The Doctors, where he spoke at length about his drug addiction and getting clean, saying, "I want my wife back."

"Khloe is important to me," he continued via TMZ, when asked to elaborate on his comments. "She's been through all of this with me and she stood right by my side so I just wanna repay her."

Odom also expressed deep regret for missing out on time with his children, saying, "I just want to tell [Khloe and my family] I'm sorry for all that wasted time and wasted energy...that in my addiction I didn't know who I I couldn't take care of myself. I damn sure couldn't take care of anybody else."

Odom checked himself into rehab in December 2016, more than a year after he was found unconscious after suffering a near-fatal overdose at a Nevada brothel. Khloe -- who is currently dating NBA player Tristan Thompson -- remained supportive of her ex-husband during his recovery, going so far as to postpone the couple’s divorce in the interim.

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