They say Minnesota is the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Do you think you can pick out the fake ones from the real ones on a list of lake names?

Every Monday during the Drive Home with Adam (about 5:25pm), Adam plays a game called "Lake or Fake." This premise is simple -- from a list of five lake names, can you guess which ones are real lakes in Minnesota and which ones are fake lakes he made up? The caller who can guess three out of the five lakes correctly wins a prize (while supplies last)!

Here's this week's list of lakes:

  1. Eagle Lake
  2. Indian Jack Lake
  3. Lake Muddy Feet
  4. Square Lake
  5. Hogback Ridge Lake

Think you know which ones are real lakes in Minnesota? Listen to this week's contest below and see if you can correctly guess which lakes are real Minnesota lakes and which ones are fake!

Enjoyed that? Join Adam every weekday from 4-5pm for Central Minnesota's favorite radio word game WordPlay!

In WordPlay! Adam reads the definition of a word straight from the Mirriam-Webster Dictionary. Every time a word is correctly guessed, he reads off another definition, continuing the game through the end of the hour. Each contestant who calls in with a correct answer goes into a drawing for a Mix 94.9 swag pack at the end of the week! Sound like fun? Save the Mix 94.9 studio line (320-251-5695) in your phone and join Adam weekdays from 4-5pm for WordPlay!

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