The Queen of Pop has made a triumphant return with her newest studio album, "Joanne".

Lady Gaga has made us wait three long years for a new album and the wait was so worth it! Gaga made an album for everyone, there is pop, dance, rock, country, ballads, it is incredible.

The first single, "Perfect Illusion" got a lot of online backlash. It was really repetitive and just didn't match Gaga's typical style. But don't let that stop you from listening to the whole album!

The second single, "Million Reasons" is the slow ballad style I love hearing Gaga sing. The woman has pipes on her and I love when she shows them off. This song is the perfect heart-felt ballad about that rough relationship that we have all been in where we all have a hundred million reasons to leave, but we all just look for one good reason to stay. It hits home.

"A Yo" is the upbeat fun dance track we have been waiting for for three years. If you sit still when listening to it, I'm not sure we can be friends.

Lady Gaga is known for trying new styles in all her albums. "Joanne" is no different. Gaga taps into the country genre with "Sinners Prayer". I have a feeling it'll find its way onto the country charts in due time.

The title track "Joanne" is a touching tribute to Gaga's aunt that passed away before she even got a chance to meet her. It is a touching tribute to her aunt and you could hear the passion she put into it.

My personal favorite off the album so far is "Hey Girl" the collaboration with Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine. It is like their voices were meant to sing together. Goose bumps.

Overall 9/10 stars on this album. I think Gaga had stronger singles to release as the first one instead of "Perfect Illusion" but "Joanne" is definitely her best album to date and worth dropping $15 on the digital or physical deluxe copy!