ST. CLOUD -- In an effort to beat back stay at home-related boredom, St. Cloud State University radio station KVSC is hosting a mini version of their popular, once-yearly team trivia competition this Saturday.

The 10-hour, live-on-air contest, called "U Can't Touch This, 2020 ½," will feature nine questions every hour, including a handful of audio and visual questions, and a scoring system.

"You only need to register one captain per team," KVSC's website reads. "Individual members on a team do not need to register. In fact, we encourage existing trivia teams to split up to smaller teams, to compete against one another."

The contest kicks off Saturday, April 18 at noon and runs through 10:00 p.m. Registration is free and open to both experienced and new players. 

KVSC reminds all participants to practice social distancing and to use technology to compete as a team.

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To learn more or to register a team, visit KVSC's website.

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