Finally, a non pregnancy related story about Kim Kardashian. But, I think Kim would rather someone make fun of her outfits versus hearing this story about how she's a cheating fool, even though she is officially divorced.

Meet the former Overnight Manager at the W hotel, Myla Sinanaj. Her name and title may mean nothing to you, but she knows some pretty juicy information. She just also happens to be an ex-girlfriend of Kris Humphries.

Twitter rant this weekend spilling lots of information about Kim K and her past.

That check was for gas so she could get to the courthouse for Kim's divorce trial where she was a key eyewitness. I'm not sure why, because the dirt she's got on Kim is dirty!

Oh yea! That's right Kim. If you wouldn't have ben "me me me me" all the time you would know that people will air your dirty laundry without your permission. Maybe you should have paid her more money to keep her mouth shut. One might think it's ok because she's with Kanye now, but Myla offers up some good advice for Kanye . . .

Truth or not, this does not look good for Kim! Cheating on your lover is one thing I've never understood.  I'm not one to have drama in my life. I sure love reading about other peoples drama though!

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