FOLEY -- The man accused of holding up the Knotty Pine Liquor store last December has pleaded guilty to the hold-up. Twenty-four-year-old Lavonta Lofton pleaded guilty to one count of first degree aggravated robbery and will be sentenced June 15th in Benton County District Court.

Lofton walked into the east St. Cloud liquor store a few days before Christmas, pulled out a gun and demanded money. Police followed footprints in the snow which led them to Lofton, who was found with a handgun and $2,000 cash.

The gun was like the one used in a December 11th robbery of the SuperAmerica store at 32nd Avenue North. St. Cloud Police also noted distinct footprints left by the robber in that gas station hold-up.

Investigators say Lofton ultimately admitted to the two December robberies saying he committed the crimes because he was broke and had no money to survive.

According to the criminal complaint, the gun used in the hold-ups was stolen during the robbery of a SuperAmerica store on 33rd Avenue August 31st. A store employee who had a permit-to-carry brought the gun to work and had it stolen during the hold-up. Records show Lofton admitted to that robbery as well, but has yet to be charged in the crime.


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