I ran across this story on Facebook last week about an incident in Princeton recently, and I wanted to share it with you.

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Laura Gatewood posted:

"While driving home tonight, (November 9th, 2021) a car was stopped at 1st Street and the Rum River light with its hood up. My step-son Tanner, was with me and said, "Let's go find out if he needs help." (While many vehicles kept going). So I pulled around and stopped and asked the man if he needed help. The man stated that his car just suddenly stopped and wouldn't start.

By this time, another vehicle pulled up, and both he and my stepson said they would push the vehicle out of the busy intersection. While they went to do so, another vehicle pulled over, and a person from that vehicle ran over to help push the vehicle to the side. The men had to push it through people driving by, as most people wouldn't stop or just let them get it out of the road. While they were maneuvering this vehicle, another gentleman ran over to help, and they finally got it out of the busy intersection.

What I witnessed tonight warmed my heart to see these good men, trying to help an elderly gentleman in a tough situation, and what could have been a dangerous situation in the middle of the road, while many others just drove on by.

While I don't know the other men who helped tonight, I wanted to personally thank them for their kindness, not only in helping with this man's car but your kindness towards the elderly gentleman and the respect you all showed him, shaking his hand when he wanted to pay you for helping him. Much respect for all."  ~Laura Gatewood


Laura, thank you for posting this for us to read. For those people that didn't think about stopping, maybe it will get them to think about what a small act of kindness can do for someone who really needs it.

There were so many wonderful warm comments to Laura's post that I thought it was worth sharing. I think we could all use a little warmth right now and hope that this story of kindness will inspire you to do the same.


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