We learned earlier this week that Kellie Pickler's husband, a talented and successful songwriter, vocalist, guitarist, pianist, and staff writer for Curb Music since 2003, died by apparent suicide in their Nashville home in Tennessee on February 17th, according to NBCNews.

Kellie Pickler + Kyle Jacobs
Christopher Polk, Getty Images

According to NBC News, Kyle's death is being investigated as a suicide, as police found his body with, what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Pickler reported to authorities that she woke up earlier that day and couldn't find Kyle, so she and her personal assistant began searching for him. When they came to an upstairs room that they were unable to enter, they called 911.

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I discovered that Kyle was actually from Bloomington Minnesota, as they were chatting with fans in the video recently, and he shouts out a fan named Lisa at around 1:06 into the video below.

Kyle was a success in Nashville and was recently celebrating his latest success with country artist Lee Bryce going Platinum.

His death comes as a complete shock. He seemed to be incredibly happy, successful, and in love with his wife. Kellie and Kyle did not have any children together.

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