Black Friday is behind us and now we're focused on Cyber Monday! Today is the day where productivity at work is at an all time low. If you have any money leftover from the weekend shopping holiday, you're probably scoring online deals today.


Make sure to protect your bank accounts and information. I had my credit card information stolen a few weeks ago. Luckily my bank alerted me to suspicious activity that was happening on my account from someone in Florida.

Hackers are tricky. The person that stole my information even called my bank and pretended to be me. I'm still not quite sure how my information was taken...but, it's a great reminder as you're shopping online and putting your information out there, to stay protected.

Here are just a few things to keep in mind from the Norton Security website; 

  • Make sure to have a pass code on your devices like Apple Watches and smart phones
  • Make sure you're not using public wi-fi when you're shopping...hackers can get you
  • Disable auto-connect. My cell phone will always try to connect to whatever internet I'm around...and that leaves me open to risks
  • Update your passwords...if you're like me, you used to have the same password for everything in your life. That's bad...but it's also bad to keep the same password for a long period of time.
  • Disable Bluetooth connectivity. Other people can connect to your Bluetooth and possibly hack your information. It's probably no surprise that my card that was compromised was also the card that I had saved to my iPhone.


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